Aurora Music Class is a proud provider of the 'Baby Love Music Fun' program.  

Read on to learn about  this unique program...

Music class meets Neuromusical Science

This is a music class that is a unique fusion of:

Developmental Science of the Child (0-5 years)

Neuromusical research,

A wide variety of music types and forms including live opera singing, and

emotional connections

You will :

Learn how to use this to create emotional connections between you and child

Learn how to use this to accelerate your child's learning abilities and neural development

Watch your child love learning 

Enjoy having a musical child and will continue wanting a musical education (yes! wanting to play an instrument)

"The program places a strong emphasis on parents and carers singing and engaging actively in movements with their baby."

International licences

Once it began in Richmond, the success of this program soon attracted international attention! 
Aurora Music Class is very excited to be apart of this international brand.



Vic, Aus









Vic, Aus



The full Baby Love Music Fun® program is a 7 course music and early childhood development program for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and the adults who love them.

Aurora Lee

Aurora is a certified BLMF teacher and is so excited to be able to spread these wonderful courses to Mulgrave and beyond!

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Learn about the founder of the BABY LOVE MUSIC FUN program...

Melanie Maslin

Baby Love Music Fun was founded in 2006 by Melbourne mother, opera singer and educator, Melanie Maslin.

Beginning with some ideas she had tried at home with her own baby that combined singing, movement ideas that would promote milestone development of the baby she watched with delight her baby's enjoyment of all the stimulation and interaction.


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