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1-2 years

Walkers toddlers are on average between 12 - 24 months. In Walkers classes are aimed at toddlers as they begin to follow simple instructions and begin to participate in dance steps such as marching, swaying, twirling and jumping. Still very much a parent/child class, the Walkers also learn to share, take turns and participate in group activities with their adult supporting and encouraging in a positive environment.

These classes use music in themes like opposites, water, getting around, animals and weather to help toddlers understand the world around them.


1-4 years

Mixed Toddler classes are perfect for families with multiple children or for added social skill development. These are fun classes using material from the 'Walkers' and the 'Walk and Talkers' programs.

All kids are catered for in this class, by using a balance of these two courses. Aurora is a highly skilled teacher that will make sure every child is assisted, challenged and entertained in order to have a fun and rewarding music class!

Walk + Talkers

2-4 years

The Walk and Talkers course is an interactive and energetic course designed for toddlers and their carers. This is a great course to expand further music development and concepts such as sharing, turn-taking and group participation concepts.

The course framework presents music for singing in tune, music for movement concepts like right and left movements, spinning to get dizzy, bouncing, dancing to the beat and music for milestones such as jumping, thumb and finger strength and music making with un-tuned percussion such as triangles, rhythm sticks, guiros and tambourines.